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Consultants to the Construction Industry

Clients come to Wagner Hohns Inglis, Inc. (WHI) for one of two reasons: they either have a problem that must be solved or they wish to avoid foreseeable problems in the construction process. 

A unique, extraordinary skilled management consulting firm serving the construction industry, WHI combines a broad range of professional talent with an impressive array of services and the capability to adeptly meet our client’s needs. WHI’s involvement means that a client has in one firm, the capabilities to analyze problems as well as provide or present expert opinions / testimony to assist in the resolution of the problems in a cost-effective manner.

Construction Consulting Services

WHI is among the nation’s leading Construction Consulting firms specializing in:
Construction Claims Consulting; Litigation Support; Expert Witness Testimony; Claims Avoidance / Dispute Resolution; CPM Scheduling; Delay Analysis; Design / Construction Defects Investigations; and Special Management Services.

Construction Claims Analysis / Dispute Resolution / Expert Witness Testimony

WHI is is a leading construction consulting firm skilled in resolving complex matters quickly and efficiently.

When your project is in dispute, choosing a knowledgeable and objective outside team makes all the difference in the world.  Disputes, easily escalate into costly litigation with extraordinary financial ramifications.  With the consequences so high, you want to make the right moves. WHI’s experts provide you with a wealth of experience and knowledge of construction disputes and claims.  WHI brings five decades of successful interventions to the table.  Our skills and objectivity in analyzing project delays, change-order costs, and quality defects will benefit your party at any point in the dispute.  

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Serving Great Clients

Contractors, Architects / Engineers, Government Agencies, Sureties, Building Owners and the Attorneys who represent them, all turn to WHI to help meet the challenges they face on their construction projects.

Construction Contractors


Construction Attorneys


Developers and Architects / Engineering Firms

Developers and A/E Firms

Banks, Lenders and Sureties

Lenders & Sureties

Public and Private Owners

Public & Private Owners

CPM Scheduling / Delay Analysis

Planning, scheduling, monitoring, evaluating and managing construction time have always been WHI’s core competencies.

A good schedule is the foundation of a successful construction project. A proper CPM schedule reduces the uncertainty for contractors and owners, and decreases the potential for financial losses associated with delays. Unfortunately not all CPM schedules bring such value to a construction project.  Many of our clients have previously suffered through managing a project with an unrealistic or incomprehensible CPM schedule, and now benefit from WHI’s scheduling expertise.  WHI’s CPM consultants are widely known as CPM scheduling experts.  We have developed and monitored schedules for thousands of sophisticated and challenging projects for more than 50 years.

If you must create, update, expand, modify, apply and/or manage a CPM Schedule; or are experiencing Delays on your construction project,
WHI should be your consultant of choice.

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Experience and Results are what counts

Very few construction consulting firms can match WHI’s successful track record over 5 decades of helping clients with their construction-related challenges, representing billions of dollars.

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  • Commercial


  • Education


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  • Healthcare


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Design Deficiencies / Construction Defects

Design Deficiencies, Poor Workmanship, and Improper Material applications may be found on all types of construction projects.

Sometimes only superficial symptoms are manifested. At other times catastrophic failure results. In either event, WHI’s experts are available to provide their technical expertise and professional opinions to resolve any dispute that may arise.  WHI’s consultants represent a wide variety of disciplines including architecture, construction, and engineering.  This breadth of knowledge enables us to analyze almost any type of construction defect of failure and motivates us to find practical solutions to your problems.

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