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People are what WHI really “sells”.  Their time. Their skills. Their collectively enormous wealth of knowledge. Their commitment to professionalism and, consequently, to finding the very best answers to a client’s problems.


Each year, the application of WHI’s Special Management Services grows.  New demands are made on owners, designers, contractors, attorneys, and sureties…and thus on WHI.  No one can accurately predict what kind of new concern will be tomorrow’s preoccupation in the construction industry.  We do know that everyone is seeking greater productivity in the construction process and owners/operators are seeking more accountability via audits.  

Because of the breadth of professional talent encompassed within its cadre of experts, WHI is often asked to perform tasks that are unique to a particular client’s needs. Whether the request is to perform an “audit” of contracts, assess the reasons for cost overruns on a portfolio of projects, develop and present specially tailored in-house training on construction issues, create graphics to simplify complex construction concepts, provide a mediator or arbitrator for a particular discipline, or act as the facilitator in a “partnering” session, WHI has met the need. 

When control has been lost on a problem-ridden project, WHI is skilled in preparing “Cost-to-Complete” reports that detail real costs to complete.  In addition, the firm can provide the documentation and analysis that are invaluable in final settlements, as well as assist you with problem-free construction oversight services.  Whatever the challenges may be from greater technical analyses to the ever-changing ways companies do business, WHI can find a way to meet and overcome these challenges. 

As long as the matter relates to construction, WHI has the expertise in-house or can assemble the right team of professionals for the task at hand in a practical, cost-effective and professional manner to bring resolution to your unique problems. 

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